Is Your Church Ready for Live Streaming?

Church live streaming in Greer, SC was once a dream. Now, it is not only reality, but it is becoming standard practice for churches. Is your church ready?

This technology requires the right equipment for successful execution. Do you have the audio-visual system you need? Consider the following essentials as you evaluate your ability to provide church live streaming in Greer, SC:

  • External microphones: To send a quality feed online, you need more than the built-in microphone on a camera. You need full-range audio. This is provided by external microphones. These plug into your software or camera and effectively capture the sound directly into the system for quality transmission. This sound should be closely monitored using isolation headphones.
  • Mixing for live stream: It’s important to keep in mind that the live audio and visual typically requires a different mix than church live streaming in Greer, SC. Some audio may sound very loud in the sanctuary, while the source feed is much quieter. Remember to adjust the audio mix for the live stream based on the streaming output rather than the live acoustic space. You may need to assign mixing for the congregation and mixing for online streaming to two different operators in order to achieve the best sound for both.
  • Compressing: When listening online, the audience needs to have a consistent audio feed. Those listening in person experience rises and falls in volume that are expected. However, this must be avoided for quality listening experiences via streaming. Using an audio compressor will help with this issue and create the consistent sound input and output you need.
  • Monitoring: It’s crucial to monitor church live streaming in Greer, SC. Don’t simply set up the equipment and let it run. Check the stream frequently to ensure that the audio is working properly and that everything is easy to understand. If the quality is poor, people won’t listen long. Make adjustments as needed to produce good results.

Reasons for church live streaming in Greer, SC

Your church may have the equipment necessary for live streaming, but you’re still wondering if you’re ready for it. You may wonder if it’s really necessary or in demand. Consider the following reasons to offer church live streaming in Greer, SC:

  • Distribution: Online live streaming lets you share your message virtually anywhere and everywhere. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?
  • Community: Even if you aren’t concerned with taking your services or events around the world online, live streaming will allow you to reach local people who can’t make it to church due to illness or other physical limitations.

Get ready

To get your system ready for church live streaming in Greer, SC, contact the professionals at Hames Pro. We offer complete presentation and production services. Our team serves churches, schools, government offices and private corporations. We are the region’s premier designer and installer for projection, lighting, acoustical design treatments, video and audio systems and more. We can help you analyze existing equipment and get your system ready for live streaming. Contact us today for a free quote!

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