A Modern Conference Room Starts with Your AV System

As online meetings and work-at-home options expand, conference room AV systems will play a pivotal role. Even when they are not supporting remote meetings, good audio visual installation in Greer, SC will make presentations better and more productive. If you believe your conference room is in need of an upgrade, here are five improvements that will modernize it:

  • Improved displays: Many conference rooms contain projector screens, which are large and cost-effective. However, they are also affected by ambient light and are basically old technology. For a clearer display that remains vibrant no matter your lighting conditions, consider a flat screen. Usually LED or LCD, they are brighter than projectors and ideal for a two to five-person conference room. Projectors still work better in larger conference rooms, and good installation can offset their disadvantages.
  • Multiple screens: If a presenter has a PowerPoint and is presenting through video conference, one screen can be cumbersome. Installing multiple screens in a conference room makes this scenario much more manageable. Presenters will see participants and their graphics at the same time, which allows for better multi-tasking. Most conference rooms do not need more than two screens to accomplish this, and that makes it an easy investment.
  • Good speakers: When you choose the cheapest option for speakers, you will suffer static and feedback. The same is true if you choose speakers that are not appropriate for the size of your conference room or for video conferencing. Sound quality can affect video conferences, and you will hardly accomplish anything productive if people have to strain to hear the conversation. Meeting time is often wasted by the need to repeat what was just said. Upgrading your speakers can eliminate this annoyance.
  • Better microphones: Not all microphones are created equally. There are models designed specifically for video conferencing. This microphone type is more sensitive, and as long as it is centrally located, it will pick up on anyone speaking in the room. Just as poor speakers can mean repeating material, microphones can have the same effect and cause wasted time and impatience. Purchasing equipment specific for the purpose will make all your remote meetings proceed much more smoothly.
  • Go wireless: If your video conference equipment must be portable, installing an office-wide wireless system will make moving cameras, microphones and speakers much easier. Otherwise, every time you need to set up in a new conference room, you will have many cables and a lot of frustration with time-consuming installation. Wireless systems ease this burden and reduce the amount of equipment you need to carry. They also offer the same sound and video quality as wired systems, which makes them an excellent option for offices that need something portable.

Conference room systems must evolve to support video conferencing, chat and file storage, as these functions now work together. If it is time for you to add new features, you need an experienced AV professional to help you.

Hames Pro has upgraded conference room AV systems in Greer, SC and the surrounding communities. Good audio video installation can make the difference between effective meetings and ones that fizzle. To see what we can offer, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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