Reasons to Upgrade Your Mixing Console from Analog to Digital

Digital mixing in Greer, SC is a technological artform. If you’ve only ever used analog consoles in Greer, SC, you might not realize what you’re missing out in with digital sound consoles. If you have yet to upgrade your system, consider the following reasons to make the switch:

  • Flexibility: Would you like to preprogram settings and recall them with ease? Digital mixing in Greer, SC allows you to save your settings and quickly access them when you need them. This is not possible with analog consoles in Greer, SC. If you’ll be using some of the same settings again, or if you are working on a complex project with multiple scenes, this flexibility and efficiency is important.
  • Noise: If you’re looking for a system that is resistant to environmental noise, digital is the way to go. The digital transmission of the signals ensures that it is not susceptible to noise, even with increased distance. For the highest quality sound, digital mixing is your best bet.
  • Expansion: If you think you’ll need to expand your system, digital mixers allow you to do so. You can expand via various protocols, without using cumbersome analog cables. This provides flexibility for space and setup as well, since you can place yourself far from the stage and equipment when you use a digital system.
  • Access: Digital sound consoles in Greer, SC can be operated via mobile devices. Access your settings, activate effects and make changes through your smartphone or tablet. This convenient access isn’t possible with analog systems. Digital solutions make access and operation easier, simpler and faster.
  • Updates: When you invest in a digital mixer, you have the ability to easily update your system as new technology becomes available. You can use firmware updates to keep your system current. This typically involves downloading the latest updates, which is far simpler and more affordable than buying an entirely new analog system every time it becomes outdated.
  • Space: Do you have a large vehicle to transport your equipment? With digital mixers, you don’t need nearly as much space as with analog systems. Analog mixers are bulky, making them difficult to transport. If you need to move your system from place to place for performances or recording sessions, a digital solution is ideal.
  • Devices: Would you like to use external sound devices with your mixer? Digital mixers can accommodate more of these devices. This provides greater flexibility for your system and makes it compatible with more locations, events and uses.

Discover the difference

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