Why AV Systems Are Essential for Churches During COVID-19

Church should be a place for fellowship and belonging—not another ground zero for COVID-19. Thanks to today’s technology, a coronavirus lockdown in Greer, SC does not have to mean a dearth of spiritual outlets. Online services are possible with church live streams that keep your congregation connected. Here are five reasons to set up your AV for live streaming today:

  • It’s quick: Your church already has an audio system. It should have a jack for output, which will help with converting your service to live stream. This may require a 50-foot cable, but that is not complicated. If you do not have a video camera, even an iPhone or laptop camera setup will provide visuals. Also, as your church likely has a projection screen, that can help if you want to include graphics or a PowerPoint presentation. Basically, churches already have most of the equipment they need—it just takes a quick visit from your AV experts to set everything up for the internet.
  • More accessible: Right now, the obvious reason for accessibility is the fact that most people are stuck at home. Limiting travel and large group meetings are major components of controlling the spread of COVID-19. Live stream services allow spiritual respite despite the circumstances. Even when there is no longer a pandemic, having this option still offers advantages. Parishioners who are homebound due to age, illness or injury can still access your services. Also, people may want to sign in to church when they are traveling or just don’t feel like leaving the house. Live stream allows for more flexible options.
  • Improved visibility: Live stream services attract new church attendees who may just want to check you out or feel too shy at the moment to attend an in-person service. Since you can run these services through Facebook and other common social media platforms, it allows you better reach to find new members. You can also extend this service to Bible studies or prayer groups and continue to bring in more people.
  • Stronger church community: With live streaming, you can communicate with church members any time you desire. You can run streams sharing news or announce new classes or services. It is a way to reach people any day of the week and allow better interaction. Since the younger generations are more likely to relate through live stream and video options, it also allows you to reach them better. That allows for greater age diversity in your church, which will help it to grow and thrive.
  • No reason not to: It should not take a pandemic to bring your church into this 21st century option. Technology allows options for connection that were never available before. Even when this ordeal ends, live streaming your church services will continue offering benefits to ensure the growth of your congregation.

If you are ready for help with setting up a church live stream in Greer, SC as the coronavirus lockdown continues, Hames Pro is here for you. We will use standard sanitary practices and have you ready for online services before your next Sunday service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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