Four Reasons to Upgrade to HDMI

If you are still using VGA, it is time to consider a video system upgrade. While it is true that change is often difficult, your church, business or venue can only benefit if you replace your old video with a digital video system in Greer, SC. Here are four reasons to make the leap to HDMI:

  • Fewer cables: HDMI includes both video and audio in one connection. This means you do not have to worry about as many cables, and it takes just one cable to ensure good quality sound and picture. You only need to make sure you connect the right kind of HDMI, and that is easily determined by your equipment type. Some items are “backward compatible,” so even if a device is limited to HDMI 1.3, it will still effectively transmit to HDMI 1.4 input.
  • Better quality: HDMI is digital rather than analog, like VGA. Even though you only use one cable, the sound and picture quality are much better than with older systems. Your projected presentations will appear more clearly, and your audience will enjoy better sound. This can be vital if you are running a traveling corporate presentation and showing graphs with minute detail. HDMI can then make the difference between an engaged audience and a squinting and confused one.
  • Improved speed: Part of the quality offered by HDMI is linked to speed. Even a standard cable performs at speeds up to 2.25 Gbps and supports 720p/1080i signatures. If you upgrade to a high-speed cable, you gain up to 10.2 Gbps and enjoy features like deep color and HD 1080p. This can prevent lapses between video and sound signals, which helps them coordinate better. There have been embarrassing instances in presentations when the two did not match up and a polished corporate presentation wound up looking like a poorly-dubbed foreign movie. You can avoid that by upgrading to the proper speed of HDMI.
  • It is taking over: The days of multiple components to support sound and video are soon to be over. Nowadays, the demand is for the easier setup and better quality now offered by HDMI. It is likely that in a few years, VGA and its support systems will no longer be in place, and you will be hard pressed to find AV professionals who can make it work. If you upgrade now, you will experience the best this technology has to offer and enjoy continued maintenance and opportunities for upgrades. It is literally the future!

Even though HDMI is your best option, it still requires support. Be sure you use high-quality equipment. Like any other cables, HDMI connections vary in quality, and going for the least expensive option can cancel out all the advantages. Hiring an experienced AV company to help you determine the type of system you need and set it up for you can make a big difference in your video presentations.

Hames Pro is here to help you with your video system upgrade in Greer, SC for your video projection or camera systems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and estimate.

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