Video Projection Installation in Greer, SC

Video projection systems are a huge part of a multimedia platform. The demand is higher than ever to deliver your message in a clear concise method everyone can understand. To do that, you need video projection services in Greer, SC from the AV integrators at Hames Pro. Not only do we provide the state-of-the-art equipment required for a top-notch viewing experience, we train you on how to make the most of your system for stages, concerts, and more!

Software-Side Components

Alongside the hardware components of your projection system, we also supplement the right software. From presentation software to stylize your slideshows, to video software that projects live feeds from a different location, we make sure your message is properly displayed with total clarity.

Equipment for Any Need

There’s a lot more to a projection installation in Greer, SC than just equipment. The right system will be tailored to your specific presentation requirements—whether you’re showing video, projecting a live feed or controlling a slideshow.

Hames Pro provides quality video projection screens and AV system installations that match the decor and blend into the background. Our projectors are neatly installed to be unnoticeable as possible, while still providing the bright quality everyone in the room can see. We tailor visual installations around your needs, including:

  • Announcement loops
  • Baptisms
  • Bible Verses and passages
  • Words to songs
  • Camera images onscreen
  • DVD movies and videos
  • Funerals
  • Guest Speaker Presentations
  • Sermon notes
  • Weddings

A Video Projector You Can Always Use

What sets us apart is our dedication to helping you get the most out of your system. Our team offers complete training sessions at the end of each installation, ensuring your team has all the knowledge needed to operate the multimedia system.

Ready to project your message with crystal-clear clarity? Contact Hames Pro today at 864-490-5716 to begin discussing the scope of your needs. We’re ready to provide you with solutions that look great and are easy to use, perfect for your application.

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Video Projection Installation