Tips for an Easy Sound Check

For those who are inexperienced with audio equipment, a sound check might sound intimidating or confusing. The fact is, you can apply a few simple tips to achieve a stress-free AV system sound check in Greer, SC. Use the following list to ensure your next event includes top-quality sound.

Don’t make it a solo task

It’s hard to complete a smooth sound check with only one audio engineer. Be sure to devote the right number of workers or volunteers to this job. Even if the event or venue is small, assign at least three people to the sound check. This will reduce the amount of time you have to allot for the sound check and help the entire process run more smoothly. With three people on the job, one can operate the equipment, one can remain on stage to help musicians/speakers and the third can act as a runner to get equipment, adjust cables or complete any other necessary tasks.

Don’t try to rush

Even if you have a sufficient sound crew, be sure to allow enough time for your AV system sound check in Greer, SC. Keep in mind all the factors that go into the time required. This includes the size of the band, the arrangement of the stage and the complexity of the equipment. Typically, you should allow at least two hours to wire, check and troubleshoot. Give yourself an additional 30 to 60 minutes between the end of the sound check and the event to handle any issues that arise and give yourself some breathing room.

Don’t yell

Set up an effective communication system for your sound check personnel. Trying to yell at one another from the stage to the sound board creates a stressful and inefficient environment. Invest in radios. Even inexpensive two-way radios from your local big box store will do. Another option is to use a switchable talk-back mic that uses the monitors to communicate with each other. The goal is to provide the sound check crew an option for clear, easy communication that can be heard over any other noise from the band, crowd or surroundings.

Don’t forget to check

Once you have all your systems, timeline and personnel in place, it’s time to perform your sound check. Be sure to provide several copies of the setup plan so everyone can clearly see how the equipment and stage should be arranged. These should indicate the types of microphones to be used, where the inputs will be and any other details pertinent to sound. Complete a thorough check of each line. Later, if there is an issue, you can be confident that it is not an issue with the line but with the instrument or other source, since you have completed your AV system sound check in Greer, SC in advance.

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