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A Modern Conference Room Starts with Your AV System

As online meetings and work-at-home options expand, conference room AV systems will play a pivotal role. Even when they are not supporting remote meetings, good audio visual installation in Greer, SC will make presentations better and more productive. If you believe your conference room is in need of an upgrade, here are five improvements that […]

How School Sound Systems Can Impact a Student’s Experience

Kids today are living in a digital world, and to prepare them for their post-graduation adult life, it’s important to use technology that’s up to date, accessible and enhances their learning. It’s a tool that can enhance student engagement as well as ensure communication between students, teachers and staff, making a happier environment for everyone […]

Reasons Why Government Offices Need AV Solutions

Federal, state and local government offices are often places that could truly benefit from great AV systems, but they often don’t have a functional way to share audio and video with employees and the public. While budget may play into that, the fact remains that government offices need AV systems just as much as private […]

Why Church AV Systems Are No Longer Optional

As technology improves, populations increase and churches expand, having an AV system in your place of worship is simply not optional anymore. Gone are the days when a one-room church could support the needs of the entire community. With larger congregations comes a need for high-quality equipment—it can literally make the difference as to whether […]