Trust Your AV Company!

Your audio visual solutions in Greer, SC cannot be handled by just anyone. You need to find a trusted AV company that you can stick with for the long term. Shopping around year after year and always hoping to find the best deal is not going to do any favors for your events. Here are five reasons why you need to find a trusted audio visual company in Greer, SC:

  • You do not have time: Changing AV providers with every year or event is time wasting and exhausting. There are already enough tasks to complete without repeating one for each project. Even if you think you can pay less, that does not mean you are guaranteed the same quality and attention to detail.
  • The company knows your event: Once an AV company works at your church, museum or event site, they know it. They know the quirks and how to overcome them. It is likely they also noticed shortcomings and already decided how to deal with them. Once your AV company gains this knowledge, stick with them. Even if hiring another company reduces your expenses, you will still have to spend valuable time and money consulting them on elements that your current company already discovered. That knowledge is priceless and will only lead to better video and audio presentations.
  • They are accredited: You want AV technology specialists, and accreditation makes a big difference for each audio visual installation. Hames Pro is an InfoComm International Certified Technology Specialist, and this allows us to offer the insights needed to properly serve you and find the best technical solutions. If you go with other AV specialists, you are not guaranteed that experience, and they may not know how to handle your current systems.
  • Your company will grow: When you initially hire an AV company, make a decision with growth in mind. While growth is never guaranteed, it is a good idea to find an AV partner who can handle your event if it becomes larger and your technical needs change. You also want a company that evolves with the technology so you always have the latest and greatest. Once you find that trusted company, they will have the knowledge to continue to grow with you and meet those needs. That is never guaranteed if you keep changing providers.
  • You do not have the background: Finally, it is time for a hard truth. None of us know everything, and audio visual equipment is complex and evolves quickly. Finding a good AV company is already difficult because you likely do not have the background knowledge to thoroughly vet these companies, and once you find someone you trust, you are best off sticking with them. That is another reason why shopping around every year or event is not recommended—you are likely to make a mistake. So, once you trust someone, keep them. Your events will benefit from it.

Hames Pro is your trusted audio visual company in Greer, SC, and we offer proven solutions for your video projection and sound system needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy high-quality video and sound for all your present and future events.

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