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Is Your Church Ready for Live Streaming?

Church live streaming in Greer, SC was once a dream. Now, it is not only reality, but it is becoming standard practice for churches. Is your church ready? This technology requires the right equipment for successful execution. Do you have the audio-visual system you need? Consider the following essentials as you evaluate your ability to […]

Reasons to Upgrade Your Mixing Console from Analog to Digital

Digital mixing in Greer, SC is a technological artform. If you’ve only ever used analog consoles in Greer, SC, you might not realize what you’re missing out in with digital sound consoles. If you have yet to upgrade your system, consider the following reasons to make the switch: Flexibility: Would you like to preprogram settings […]

Reasons You Should Consider Updating Your Church’s Audio Visual Systems

People may go to church services for many different reasons, but whatever the reason, they need to be able to see and hear the message that’s being presented to them. If your church’s audio visual system is faltering, malfunctioning or is decades old, you should consider making some upgrades to bring it in line with […]

Why You Should Hire an Audio Visual Professional

When you want great audio visual results, you should hire a professional. Churches, businesses and schools need durable, high quality equipment that lasts a long time, delivers superior picture and sound and is easy to use. At Hames Pro, we not only offer great equipment, but can design a system that will meet all your […]