The Importance of Speaker Placement for a Better Sound Experience with Your Congregation

If you’re new to sound systems, especially in large buildings like churches and theaters, you might be under the impression that more speakers equal better sound. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that—but you can get great results when you call Hames Pro to get advice on the right church speaker placement in Greer, SC.

The right speaker placement will be different for every church, thanks to the building’s acoustics, the number of congregants and any specific AV concerns you may have. Your goal is to position the speakers in a way that directs the sound to the audience, while avoiding any feedback from the sound bouncing off the walls or other architectural features.

Basics of speaker placement

When you’re placing a loudspeaker, you need to know a bit about how sound waves work. Each speaker has a “coverage pattern,” which refers to how the sound travels both horizontally and vertically. If you’ve ever been to a church or a concert where loudspeakers were stacked vertically atop each other, you might be surprised to know that this approach actually increases the horizontal and reduces the vertical coverage of the sound.

Naturally, you’ll place the speakers so that the sound is directed out toward the congregation—but you should also listen for bad acoustic problems. If sound is bouncing around the room, it makes it more difficult for people to process your words and music, especially if they’re already hearing impaired.

Your goal with church speaker placement in Greer, SC should be to cover the maximum amount of horizontal seating, without directing sound toward the walls or ceilings. Main loudspeakers should be in front of the stage, but if that can’t be accomplished, make sure that the horns don’t point toward microphones or musical instruments. Otherwise, you could suffer from unpleasant feedback.

If you can hang your loudspeakers, so much the better. The higher frequencies are more prone to bouncing around (unlike subwoofers), so hanging them and pointing them down at a slight angle can help direct the sound where it needs to go.

Finally, keep in mind that the fewer loudspeakers you can use, the better. Having too many loudspeakers can increase your sound coverage, but it will also decrease your sound quality. That’s why we recommend working with professionals to evaluate your space for acoustics as well as sound coverage needs, so that you don’t make the mistake of buying unnecessary equipment. With a little guidance, your church’s speakers will sound better than ever.

Get the right church speaker placement in Greer, SC

Hames Pro has been serving the Greer, SC community since 1975. We specialize in designing, installing and maintaining custom AV systems that work with your individual room or building. If you’re having trouble figuring out the best speaker placement for your congregation, or just need general advice on what to look for in an AV system for your church, call us to arrange a consultation. We’ll work with you to make sure your message is heard.

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