August 16, 2022

2023-09-14 | 15:25:03

"I'm on staff at a small church in Sumter, SC. Over the past 2 years, we have made several upgrades to the sound and video systems in our building. The Hames Pro team is outstanding. They worked with us to scope out the work and develop a few proposals. They ordered all of the necessary equipment (often delayed due to Covid supply chain shortages) and walked with us through the install and setup. They even provided our team some crash courses on using the new equipment. If you're looking for a solid A/V company to help with upgrading the tech at your business, no need to look any further than Hames Pro!"
June 21, 2022

"Let me be very clear. That are simply the best. Very easy to work with and very professional. They installed a camera system and three large screen TV’S for our church and did a masterful job. I highly recommend them. "
April 13, 2022

2023-09-14 | 15:25:18

"Russ and his team are outstanding. They installed 3 large screen TV’S , camera and computer system to project our services."
January 5, 2022

2023-09-14 | 15:25:29

"Hames Pro is an outstanding company. They installed a new sound system for Aiken Chapel Baptist Church. They ran new wiring and took care of anything that was needed. The system is great and the sound is impeccable. Russ and the rest of his employees are always professional, polite and very friendly. The cost of the system, installation, etc. was very reasonable. I would recommend Hames Pro,"
December 29, 2021

2023-09-14 | 15:26:23

"I'm very satisfied with the installment of equipment that was installed. I can honestly say, working with Russ and his team was a very good experience. I would recommend Hames Pro sound company to anyone that need audio and video installations."