Audio-visual systems aren’t a one-and-done installation that you can forget about. If you want yours to keep working smoothly, it’s going to take maintenance from an experienced, knowledgeable team.

Hames Pro provides video and sound system maintenance in Greer, SC, as well as repairs for defunct installations. It’s our mission to ensure top-notch functionality from your equipment, so you always get the picture and sound quality you expect, along with the results you need.

Repair Services

Call us for audio video repair in Greer, SC, with the confidence that we’re able to handle any technological hurdle. We’re licensed, bonded professionals with decades of experience in servicing A/V systems of all types. We’ll identify the parts of your system that aren’t working as intended and set them right once again.

Maintenance Contracts

Often, after systems have been installed for a period of time, equipment can get out of calibration due to tampering, age and the elements. This is where Hames Pro comes in. We make maintenance simple! We offer maintenance contracts to maintain, repair and calibrate sound and video systems.

We’ll send a technician to visit your site and perform a yearly service call as part of the contract. They’ll go through your system and complete any needed maintenance. Along with this contract, you’ll also be eligible for two more service calls at no cost to you. You’ll be assured all your equipment is in proper working order and set up specifically for your needs.


Need a refresher on how to use your audio-visual system? We provide training services and refresher tips so you can operate your system with confidence. Our techs are also able to help you configure your system around your needs, so everything is as easy as possible to use.
Keep Your System Functional

Your audio-visual system is a big investment. Let Hames Pro help make sure it’s running right, even years after the initial installation.

Contact us today at 864-490-5716 for repair or maintenance services.

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